Motto and Vision

Our motto is: looking towards the future.
Primary school the Boschuil stands for strong and contemporary education in the Brainport region. In a context-rich, challenging and safe learning environment, children are challenged to develop into self-confident world citizens in the age of 0 - 13 years. We do this by working together with partners and parents in the Spilcentrum Blixembosch.
The values that form the basis of our education, behaviour and actions are:
Respect, Trust, Involvement, Cooperation and Inspiration.
Primary school the Boschuil forms the Spilcentrum Blixembosch together with Korein. Education, care and leisure have a place in our Sports Centre. With attention and sincere interest, we guide children from 0 to 13 years in an uninterrupted line of development. We offer a learning environment that challenges staff and children to think creatively and gives them the confidence to make conscious choices.                                              
Our Spilcentrum is known for its good atmosphere. In addition, every child has the opportunity to discover who he or she is, to develop independence and self-responsibility, and to acquire important skills and knowledge that will help them in their lifelong learning.
We encourage curiosity about the world, which manifests itself in an active attitude, in taking initiatives, in researching and asking questions. This is the impetus for development and learning and also the way in which our children learn to be world citizens.
Our children are aware that they are part of a greater whole, that their own world is enriched by being open to other cultures and that what they do has an effect on the world. Everyone feels welcome.
We combine our strengths and expertise by working together with children, parents, colleagues and partners in the neighbourhood to ensure that talents can flourish. 
A nice and safe school
The Boschuil wants to be a nice and safe school for all children, where everyone counts and where everyone can be himself. We stimulate ownership and initiative. We contribute to the development of self-confidence. Children must be able to develop themselves to the best of their abilities, and we have high expectations of them.
Our focus is on a positive school climate, in which social safety plays an important role. It is important to us that our children feel safe at school and in the group, that they feel comfortable and enjoy coming to school. A safe school climate is a prerequisite for being who you are and for further development and growth.
In all groups, we pay attention to creating a positive group atmosphere and a safe climate through a school-wide approach. For example, we have drawn up positive rules of conduct and staff members have been appointed as contact points for safety and anti-bullying coordinators.
World citizenship: be the you, you are
Learning and working at the Boschuil means that you are welcome and that you can be who you are. Nobody is the same, but everyone is accepted, respected and seen. We encourage children to look at their surroundings as citizens of the world, with a broad and curious view and with respect for others and for other cultures. Cultural awareness and thinking about themes such as sustainability and globalisation have a place here.
Strong and contemporary education for all children from the district
In a context-rich, challenging and safe learning environment, we work on strong and contemporary education. The pupils receive education in which the development of skills, basic knowledge, executive functions and a growth mindset are paramount. We look for appropriate measurement opportunities. We use modern methods and processing methods and employ developments such as thematic and integrated working throughout the school.
By developing the right skills, children can learn for life. They need this because (technological) developments are so rapid that during their careers they need to be able to keep up with a rapidly changing world. The skills that are central are: thinking about thinking, self-management, ICT skills, learning together, analytical thinking, critical thinking, self-insight, motivation, creative thinking and communication (SLO goals and skills for development). We want children to experience that you can influence your competence and growth through self-direction, metacognition, taking responsibility and making good choices. With a growth mindset, children experience that development is always possible.
Although more and more knowledge is available to children, we believe that acquiring basic knowledge is very important for children. We therefore pay a lot of attention to arithmetic, language, reading (and understanding), writing and general knowledge. Good and attuned instructions by the teacher and a balance between digital processing and working on paper are the starting points of our education. By increasing children's executive functions, we give them tools to shape their learning. Executive functions are the control functions of the brain (e.g. inhibition, working memory, task initiation, emotion regulation, flexibility, planning & organisation and self-regulation).