Extra curricular activities

KOREIN Kiplinglaan Childcare
Preschool, playroom, VSO and BSO
Within the Spilcentrum Blixembosch we work closely together with our partner Korein, who takes care of the before and after school care. Korein offers day care for 0-4 year olds (at the Ouverture and Topaasring), preschool (at the Ouverture, Topaasring and in the main building of the Boschuil and before- and after-school care (at the Boschuil and Topaasring).
In the school year 2022-2023, 2 toddler groups, 1 VSO group and 7 BSO groups of Korein are housed at the Boschuil. 
In addition, we have made agreements with other BSOs from other organisations. These are mainly organisational agreements, such as pick-up locations and mutations.
After-school activities
Together with Korein, we provide an after-school programme. Parents receive a programme booklet containing the activities on offer for six months. You can think of English lessons, chess, photography, music lessons, technology, etc. In addition, the children have the opportunity to follow typing lessons after school.