Application and registration

Admission of pupils
All four-year-old children and all children who move to the Blixembosch district (postal code 5629) are in principle eligible for admission.
If there is no relocation, pupils from primary schools who live in the Blixembosch district can only be admitted after a careful procedure and only after joint consultation with the previous school.
In the context of Appropriate Education, the school has a duty of care for pupils with extra support needs.
support needs. This means that the primary school where a child is registered, has the duty to find a suitable place of education if the school itself cannot or can insufficiently adapt to the support needs of the child.
Enrolment of pupils
If you are considering registering your child for our school, you can make an appointment for an introductory visit.
You can click on the following link:
During this visit, we will talk with you about your child. We will also inform you about the school, the education and the daily routine. We would like to make these appointments during school hours so that we can show you the school 'in operation'.
If you decide to register your child at our school, you can fill in a so-called application form. After submitting this form you will receive a confirmation of registration.
Placement of pupils
Our school is located in the Blixembosch district, which has a lot of children. Partly because of this, we receive new children all year round.
* New toddlers:
Taking into account a number of factors (such as group size, ratio of youngest to oldest pre-schoolers, boys and girls, care for the children, etc.) the school places a new pre-schooler in a pre-school group.
The teacher of the group in which the toddler is placed contacts the parents by telephone in the month preceding the arrival of the toddler to make further arrangements.
From the day your child turns 4, he/she may come to school for whole days. Immediately prior to this 4th birthday, your child may, according to the legal rules, come to school for a maximum of 5 days to get acquainted.
When your child comes to school, we assume that he/she is potty-trained. If your child is not yet house-trained, he or she cannot come to school unless there is a medical reason. If this is the case, we ask you to discuss this with your child's class teacher before your child enters school.
* New children in group 3 to 8:
The school places new children in a group in consultation with the relevant teachers. This takes into account the size of the group, the composition of the group, any educational needs, etc.

Limited places in groups 3 to 8
We have had to decide that only children living in postal code 5629 may be enrolled in groups 3-8. This leaves room for children from Blixembosch who want to attend school close to home.

School contribution:
Each school year, the Activities Committee asks all school parents to pay the voluntary parental contribution of € 40,-.
Admission of new students.
You may apply for placement by contacting the school's admissions office via e-mail: or via telephone: 040-2428917.